Wheatgrass, Green juices and Raw Living Foods is constantly changing my Life





                     Back in 2010 I came to a shocking realization about my health. Reluctant to follow conventional medicine I looked at my lifestyle and diet for answers. After seeing different nutritionists I embarked on a life changing journey.
Initially when I started drinking green juices and wheatgrass the detoxification of my body caused a shock. However once my body started to alkaline not only could I feel the changes but also visibly see the benefits.

When we alkalize our bodies we oxygenate our cells.

By drinking Wheatgrass we help to eliminate toxins,

 nourish ourselves with nutrients that are easily absorbable.

As we bring more enzymes into our body our colon is able to digest foods easier which in turn, turns into the vital minerals and vitamins . Wheatgrass has cured many colon problems . In fact 70% of our health is due to how our colon works. Discovering green juices and raw foods has had such a positive impact in my life that I wish to share this blessing.

  We run a local business growing wheatgrass, microgreens and sprouts.

We run workshops on food preparing ,fermentation, cheese making and chocolate. 

Our team make amazing Raw vegan foods where we attend healing events , festivals

and can be hired for local events e.g. Weddings and local functions

We can supply or Consult anyone who wishes to enjoy the benefits of such powerful living foods.




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